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About Us

ABOUT – Forum for Global Integrated Research (f-GIR)


This is an innovative forum founded by a group of eminent educationist, researcher and industry expertise globally to promote researchers of the globe and to train, motivate, mentor for upgrading the skill to be the best performer in academics and research with a valued entity under Sec-8 (2013) Company Act established on 2021 as a Non-Profit company. This forum is managed by different committee members like, Advisory committee, Executive board, Affiliating committee, Research & Training committee, etc.

A galaxy of intellectuals, researchers, academician, scientist and professionals have join hands to operate this forum in a more distinguished platform for total value of students, people live in the society to produce a healthy and peaceful life. From fine arts, artists to social service including training in an integrated system on socio-engineering of art platform, this forum has the endeavor to achieve the equity and excellence among learners.

Forum has the objective to initiate promotion through various cluster hubs as a platform for the group trainings/orientation in different regions of the country to facilitate the shared views for regional & Indian development in quality education & training to different level of students. To create a conducive environment of learning and live-in wellness.

f-GIR has own created tested branches on integrated platform to maintain and retain in every individual for a joyful life adopting different mechanism in schools. This forum has three distinct schools which are presently operating.

  • e-Ashram : This School is meant for training and orientation to School and College level students and researchers from std-V to upper classes upto PG level for cultural programmes,Art, Dance, Music, and other inteli programmes for own value system
  • School of Empowerment and Entrepreneurship (SEE): To orient, promote and impart trainings to micro, SHGs and small entrepreneurs of the community for total wellness along with professional training courses, Certificate courses,Add on Skill courses including training for Empowerment and Capacity building.
  • Academy of Research (AoR) : To orient, train and empower the student & Research Scholars of the Universities,Colleges for a better value in research. Also arrange FDP, RDP, MDP and seminars/Webinars more frequently.Arrange conferences in different places of the country for researchers and faculties of social sciences.
  • Wellness Cell: This cell works for total integrated value system from health, mind, to knowledge for making a balance line for living happily with a mission of N’Joy the Life in sustainable environment for every type of persons, students, researchers of the globe.
  • Award: This is meant for annual awards to the dignitaries from five different fields recognizing their significant contribution to the state or country at large for betterment of lives and society.


A unique forum for students / researchers / academicians to interact with Guruji for better living.

Partnership Programme:

f-GIR is having academic and research partnership with different institutions to encourage towards better achievement of Excellency and total development of an individual in a cluster environment on H-I-S platform.