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About e-Ashram

About e-Ashram

e-Ashram of f-GIR is the only Digital Platform in India who facilitates to Teachers / Students / Researchers / Industrialists / Scholars / Micro-entrepreneurs / SHGs for Empowerment and Capacity building by creating a hi-tech digital learning platform. It adds developing Art and Culture in form of Dance, Music, Yoga and fine Arts in one integrated platform for value. Entire platform works in a yogic sense of life for social values, human values and Intellectual values to achieve Excellency and smile in life.


Integrated value


Why you join e-Ashram - HIS* -platform ? 11 points programme

  1. Resource person (from RF-India connected) are from international repute.
  2. It is an innovative platform to impart training in more practical mode from direct labs.
  3. Short-term certificate courses from labs.
  4. Seminar / classes without any illusion to students : available through direct web link.
  5. Training on performing art direct online with Guruji
  6. Trainings updates online modes on research designing, methodology, pedagogy & entrepreneurship to researcher, teachers & entrepreneurs.
  7. Capsule courses for students/researchers/teachers
  8. Wellness platform : N’joy the life through yogic & holistic values.
  9. Total platform is integrated for value (Integrated value mgt.) in post covid situation.
  10. One to one meet on Meet Think _zero platform with renowned academician, corporate houses, researcher and Gurus everyday (max-100 participant).
  11. Publishing opportunity to all members in international peer reviewed journals (free of cost)

About e-Ashram

This is an innovative forum (Non-Profit company U/S 8, Company Act-2013) founded in 2021 by group of, eminent educationist, researcher and industry expertise globally to promote researchers of the globe and to train, motivate, mentor for upgrading the skill to be the best performer in academics and research with a valued entity.

A galaxy of intellectuals, researchers, educationist, academician, scientist, administrators, Bankers have join hands to operate this forum in a more distinguished platform for total value of students, people live in the society to produce a healthy and peaceful life. From fine arts, artists to social service with training in an integrated package, this forum has the endeavour to achieve the equity and excellence.

Forum has the objective to initiate promotion through various cluster hubs as a platform for the group trainings/orientation and conducting research / workshops / conferences in different regions of the country to facilitate the shared views for regional & Indian development in quality education & research.

In second tier- only the researcher & Professionals (ICS / ICA / ICAI) be the Associates. In Third tier-Out of the Associates, will be selected by the Board for higher level research and policy frame.

Partnership Programme

e-Ashram is having academic and reseqarch partnership with different institutions to encouragetowards better achievement of Excellency and total development of an individual in a cluster environment on H-I-S platform.

e-Ashram has own created tested models on H-I-S integrated platform to maintain and retain in every individual for a joyful life.




As these three qualities are highly required for each individual to perform, integrated trainings is required in this model.

e-Ashram : It is having one more platform dedicatedly is operating with a series of events based on WEBINAR, e-conference, e-seminars and innovative publications on accepting its annual membership . Students are more encouraged to be the member for availing the opportunity of this platform to maintain a value individual in the society for which the entire credibility of their parents to . He/She has to be in wellness zone to acquire value for an identity in the society with economic possession, which is mostly not apparent in the society in the present days.


  • Imparting training & development of academic , social and business research (chapter wise)
  • Organising seminars/workshops/conferences(both national& international) more frequently for (chapter wise development).
  • Formation of groups for easy transformation of value based programme.
  • Training for fitness, wellness programmes, psychological and social programmes, Fine Arts, Dance and Songs for cultural inspiration and motivation to retain the value.

Digital Lab

e-Lab: This infra is to work directly by using virtual Labs ,which is of hi-tech facilities for social science. humanities and for business research scholars and students


A peer reviewed international indexed research journal (Journal of Business, Management, Commerce and Research –both print and online) is also for the researcher students and individuals to publish their research papers in free of cost.


It is most innovative interactive savaa for researchers, learners, students to directly interact with the most renowned teachers/Guruji/Acharya of the globe on online platform to ask their questions relating to the subject specified.


They are from the renowned fields from Art. Cultural field, business, academic ,social engineers etc.


They will be selected in the 1st stage by the Board and will be allowed to participate in this platform for their interactions.